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Responsive website
We created a website for contemporary art
Design and layout of the adaptive site of the gallery of contemporary art. Functional minimalism and simplicity of interfaces are the main criteria for the design development of this project.


The development of Artwin Gallery was carried out taking into account the need to create a minimal design for users and a very flexible in functionality administrator panel. We approached the task with creativity and great interest.

"The admin panel should be as user-friendly as the site ..."

In the design, the main screen space is used for demonstrating the images of works, but no less attention is paid to the fonts, sizes and symbols. One of the features of the project - full-text search for all content on the site. This required good code optimization.

Particular attention was paid to the simplicity and intuition of the admin panel, which should monitor a lot of works, exhibitions and artists. The client was satisfied, which means that we successfully coped with the project.

Android app
Trend application - aggregator of taxi services
We are faced with the task of collecting all the popular services in one place so that you can travel around the city in the most beneficial way. And we coped with it.

"It would be convenient to see all the prices at once ..."

TaxiScanner application - the aggregator of services for the transportation of passengers with a large base of taxis, replenished "on the fly" to find the most cost-effective as well as on-time trips. We envisaged the possibility of taxi park automation, developed administrative panels for both sides – operators and drivers. And yet, the main feature of the application is the availability of information for users. Where else can you determine the cost of a future trip in advance with high accuracy? With our application, we have saved customers from the risks of overpaying for the trip, and we also give you the choice of almost all the actual taxis.

Web Service
Pre-order in Moscow restaurants
FoodBerry automates the process of preparing and paying for the order of dishes from your menu in the mobile application.

"Make pre-orders in your favorite cafes and restaurants in one click ..."

The most valuable resource of modern man is time. FoodBerry will significantly reduce the waiting time for cooking during a business lunch or an evening hike in a restaurant. In addition, the user can pre-order take-away food to pick it up without waiting for delivery, and bring it to the workplace, or take it home after work, so as not to waste time shopping and cooking. FoodBerry will save 1-2 hours a day, which will greatly facilitate the life of a modern busy person. We hope that FoodBerry will help you to manage your time more effectively and efficiently.

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